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Hi There! Thanks for joining us here at Citypsychchick.com


I wanted to share a little of my story here with you. I originally trained as a ballet dancer, lots of my experiences in such an environment have shaped how I work with people particularly on performance anxiety and low self-esteem ,which were a big part of my own experience and inspired my career change! I want to help people to work through confidence issues as I have and to understand how our experiences affect our world view. 


I trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) after my Psychology degree and have around 10 years experience in and out of the NHS working with individuals ranging in age and mental health difficulties. I have also worked closely with family and loved ones of those with mental health difficulties.


I am currently training to be a Clinical Psychologist, which entails a Doctoral degree in research alongside clinical work in different settings, working with a lot of different people. I am being trained in CBT, systemic or family therapy as well as many other approaches from narrative to schema therapy. 


I personally believe in holistic care for everyone, which is the ethos of this site. I feel passionate about integrating mind, body and soul in order to fully heal. 

My personal interests are yoga, movies, coffee, books, hip-hop music and dance! I love connecting with people so please contact me,


I'm very active on Instagram (@citypsychchick) and this is one of the better ways to catch me but feel free to send emails or contact me on this site also!




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