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5 min Self Check-in Exercise

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Migraines, concentration issues, irritability? Clumsiness?

Any of these sound familiar? Then your body is asking for a check in...

I want you to close your eyes Hear your breathing

Feel your body

Hand over heart

Other hand over stomach

I want you to ask your body what it needs, in this moment

I want you to ask whats on your mind?

Listen to the thoughts that are rushing through, the ones that rise up,

the ones that stay with you

Breathe into them, don't run away

Hear your mind...

Now as you open your eyes, write down what you heard, saw, felt. Write it all down even if you're not sure just go with what comes to mind. Now put the paper and pen to now side.

Take some deep breaths in for 4 counts, out for 6 counts.

Id like you to close your eyes and send loving warmth to the areas of your body you felt any tension, nervousness or pain, imagine a beautiful white and pink light flowing to those areas of your body, really see your body glowing with those lights.

Now send warmth loving energy to your mind and thank it with true gratitude for conquering the day.

Open your eyes and breathe in and out holding on to the image of your body being full of love and light and your mind calm enough to manage what comes your way today.

More on how to manage thoughts in this Mind series of posts.

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