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Have you ever wanted to buy a new car?......Change your thinking! Guest Blog by Andy Marshall

Have you ever wanted to buy a new car? So that thought of buying a new car is in our head. And there we are driving along in our old car, or catching the bus, and if our only thought is a new car, we start noticing cars. Lots of cars. All types of cars. And the options seem plentiful and perhaps the choices confusing. So perhaps we instruct our brains with a little more direction. And we want a blue car. And now suddenly there just happens to be a lot of blue Nissan SUVs on the road today! The more we focus on, the more that which we focus on is delivered to us. So, what is happening here? Well there are psychological processes at play (yes, you knew that was coming didn’t you?). So, the overall phenomenon is referred to as “frequency illusion”. The two processes in play are selective attention; that you unconsciously focus on the thought (the thing, the feeling), and confirmation bias; that the more frequently the thought (the thing, the feeling) surfaces, it is “proof” that this thought (thing, feeling) is omnipresent! So, imagine if those thoughts that you are focussing on are negative? Change your thinking! How? First; you have got to write it down. A journal of your thinking. An awareness of feelings, wants, desires. And then a review of the evidence. What are your thought processes and conclusions about things? What are you focussing on – negatives, positives? How do you deal with challenges?

• Use this to self-assess. Now this is a skill, but the idea of keeping a journal is that it is a bit of a mirror for us to really see who we are and what stories we tell ourselves. Are they positive or negative, how frequent positivity injects itself, what do we need as a consequence of this self-assessment to work on, to enhance, to accentuate, to change, to let go off?

• Talk about it! No, you don’t have to join a group “metacognition anonymous”! This is the trusted friend zone. So, you want to select someone who listens. It does not matter if they have their sh*t together or not. This is about you just verbalising your thoughts, but, doing so with clarity (that’s why you do the self-assessment bit first). All in all these 3 processes can lead to a shift in the most positive way in your thinking!

And that’s a good thing.

Follow the author of this guess piece Andy Marshall @livingyourdreamlife and for more on this grab a copy of his book "living your dream life"  *Thank you to Andy for this piece if you'd like to be featured on contact Megan.

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