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How do you manage rejection?

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Do you even face it?

We talk about stages of grief, i'd say there are stages to facing our worst fears. Let me explain…

Lets say you’ve had some difficult relationships in the past, bullying or general low self esteem you may have beliefs about how others view you, what you need to feel ok, these maybe external factors – others liking you, doing well at work, home and having good connections to others. Although this may be a reality in your life how much do you rely on it to feel good?

If we always look outside ourselves for the knowledge that we are good enough any disappointments or let downs from others however minor are going to shake us. So how do we manage this?

1) Write down things you like about yourself, even If they are small this is ok and try not to judge what you write down. Think about how your friends would talk about you.

2) Write down how you know you are those things? Is it feedback from others, achievements?

3) Look at the list not just how many things there are (there may not be many) but how important those traits/ qualities or comments are. I'd like you to pay attention to what makes you doubt those things... what has made you not write something down or question whats on the page?

This is a check in to see how you are valuing yourself- whether it is external or internal and its important to know so you can work on how to manage things like disappointment and rejection.

If you can change how you value yourself from external to internal you will be able to see that rejections are not about you personally, disappointments are not a failure in your soul being but in fact these experiences help us learn more about ourselves.

How we manage rejection actually shows us how we feel about ourselves and that is the key to successfully handling whatever life throws at us, I know it sounds simple! Please contact me if you want more specifics or comment below if you'd like more info. Starting to understand where you're at with how you view yourself is key to working on it!

Sending you lots of love


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