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Let go and redefine yourself

Light comes in when we shed our heaviness... Let it burn to the ground All the things they told you All those feelings they evoked in you All those actions they did to you None of it was your fault None of it was because you deserved it None of it defines you Understanding what happened in your past is so necessary for moving on, not so you can relive it over and over and not so you can live as though it IS you but so you can process it with a new lens, question it and how it affects your life now.

Once you've done this you can choose whether you keep living according to that past reality or whether you want to redefine yourself.

For anyone who this is the case for today i'm sending you so much love and lightness.

You are brave, strong and true and most importantly you can affect your life in a positive way, you can dream, you can achieve all that you want in this life because it is yours and nobody but you gets to decide what that means.


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