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Look beyond the fear and you'll find love

Surrounded by love... On those darker days our thoughts make us forget, Our minds shut out, Our bodies slow down, Our will to keep going waivers...

If we can only see beyond the fear, the crippling uncertainty we will begin to see that love flows through us.... Fear makes us doubt ourselves, our ability to cope and worse than that causes us to doubt others.

Look into people's eyes and you may see fear, worry, doubt but you will also see love. We are incredibly loving even in the face of turmoil and its hard but important to hold on to that.. for the more love you can give,the more you will receive.

This peace tree was such a moving sight to behold, people's prayers and hopes many of which were for all of us as a human race...

Sending you love and light ✌🏻😍😘🙌🏻♥️

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