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Only do what's right for you...

I call bull****.... I call it on needing to have it all right, needing to know everything so we don't make mistakes.

You know what type of knowledge is the best? Learned through living, through falling, through understanding yourself and working out who you are, what sits right with you, what doesn't, what works for you and what you won't put up with.

I need you to know this so you can drop the act, drop the wasted time and money on making yourself perfect, forget perfect and right, be real and own what you like, what makes your heart and body happy.

You can get there... just take the route thats true for you, you'll know it cos they'll be no shoulds, musts or maybes.. just your joy, peace and if you allow it your permission to stay on that path no matter what bull people are trying to feed you.

Sending you love and authenticity hoping everyone has a beautifully imperfect holiday🙌🏻✌🏻😘😘😘✌🏻

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