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Remind yourself: you are wise, wonderful & precious

I want you to repeat after me I am wise I am wonderful I am precious to this world I want you to imagine that everything that other people told you, everything that your own mind told you that was negative was not ACTUALLY true.. Just hold onto that for a minute How does it feel?

What would life have been like it it hadn't been true?

Now .. Go live as if its not Go live as if they were all wrong, your fears your doubts and all the negative thoughts in between were WRONG

Try it for a few days...

And then come back to this.. What could life be like if i dropped all that negativity? Don't you deserve to try it? Just once ..

Sending love and courage to give this a go😘😘✌🏻✌🏻

Grateful to all those in my life who remind me of these things and especially this one @char_bailey_ my soul sis love u loads 😘✌🏻

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