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Sleep ... a luxury or necessity?

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

We know that an early night helps our skin, helps our bodies restore and generally makes us feel better but what are the side effects of lack of sleep? And if we have trouble sleeping what can we realistically do about it?- I mean if i'm a 5 hours a night kinda girl can I change that to better my health?


Sleep is all about routine, environment and letting go of worry about sleep! As its a behaviour we need to break out of unhelpful habits and introduce healthier ones.


1) Check there are no electrical near you- I know our phones are basically attached to our skin 24/7 but try to reduce this before bed- charge it a little further away from you and cover up any light coming from it. This goes for laptops/ tvs, without causing a fire hazard that is!

2) If you can separate work from sleep by only using your bed for sleep (sex is allowed also!) The more you can break any associations between bed and a busy the mind the better.

3) Try not to sleep with the TV on.


1) start a wind down about an hour before bed. I know this one is hard! we all have increasing demands but if you can stop eating 2-3 hours before bed, have a calming drink (no caffeine and limited sugar), start a routine of reducing tv/ technology and basically train your body to get ready for sleep.

2) Reading/ meditation are great for part of the routine but you can always listen to a headspace meditation or an audio book if the silence is too much at this time.

3) The routine doesn't need to be an hour, if you can do 10-15 mins thats fine but keep it consistent at least with one relaxing thing before you attempt to sleep.


Sleep is one of those things now that we do value but perhaps place too much emphasis on. We know how important it is and thats great but its also one of those annoying behaviours that the more you fixate and worry about the worse it can be-( the all too well-known picture of sleepless person checking clock to find out how much sleep time is left comes to mind!)

When you're implementing a new routine or tweaking your environment it might be more on your mind and thats ok but try to remember our bodies are amazing! They will make up for lost sleep by going to a deeper level even if the hours are less, we will always get enough sleep even if its over a few nights rather than one but the more you worry the less likely the sleep.

Sending you love and sleepy vibes


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