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What are you waiting for?! Do you have FOMO for your life??

I know we talk a lot about divine timing and waiting for things to fall into place and that is super important but if you are waiting for things to be 100% right or 100% wrong before you act you could miss it.

This is not meant to scare you but to help you consider if you could be looking for all the signs and not honouring your own feelings. Fear of missing out as we know is huge and it doesn’t just apply to our social lives, it can affect how we decide (or not) to act! We know about manifesting, about the importance of visualising what we want and making steps toward it but we are also told to wait and let the universe decide (it’s a confusing world right?!) but what happens if we are so caught up in waiting for the perfect time, the perfect sign from the universe, well we get pretty unsure of what to act on and when.

So to cut through confusion and indecision I am suggesting the following:

1) That we accept there are moments to act and moments to wait for more information.

2) That we accept there are often signs to look out for that something is right or wrong- typically if it feels good and doesn’t make us self destruct in the process….


3)That we use our inner guidance system, our FEELINGS to help us out. That we listen to our bodies, we notice if something is making us anxious, making us unhappy and we go with the best fit at that time.

This mean that if you are 70% unhappy but 30% happy, you don’t wait for the 70% to become 100% because you want to see all the signs. You instead ask yourself, 'am I really prepared to hold onto 70% unhappiness because I'm not sure the universe is telling me to move or not', that you honour your feelings instead and move out of that situation, or alter it to a better fit for your own emotional health.

I guess what im above all promoting is balance, to do your best to make the decision that is right for you but not wait for the perfect sign, the perfect situation because that isn’t how life works. In the end all that will happen is you will continue doubting your decisions, looking outward to the universe and in the process of not trusting yourself and fearing missing the divine timing, miss out on your amazing life.

So please, next time you get a doubt about whether to act or not, close your eyes, go inward and imagine you 100% trust yourself … then ask the question and sit with the feelings, observe your body, heart and mind and be open to what comes back, because the more you do this, the stronger your internal guidance system becomes.

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