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Your only job is to put yourself in the right place mentally

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Out of control......

Things come into our lives and out again, people come to teach us lessons, situations to test our learning and then we're alone again... waiting, progressing, healing...

If we always look to life to sort itself out we will be eternally disappointed, confused and suffering.

I say focus on YOU, your mentality, make it one of looking inward, reflecting on what you can take from every experience to help you grow, be grateful, be honest, be true.

By focusing on you and where / how / what you want to be, things ARE in your control.

This in no way means things will be easier or that you are somehow choosing to suffer difficult times but it means we can look at the world and make sense of it by altering our perspective and deciding what we want, thereby creating a reality we truly desire.

Sending you love and the knowledge you can create a mental space that will bring you joy, peace and love.


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