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We cannot expect to live a full, happy or even emotionally well life without taking care of our bodies. Our bodies are not separate to our minds, our system is all connected. We know this through illness, as soon as we become physically unwell our mood changes, our thoughts change and our overall enjoyment of life alters. If we want to become happy we need to be healthy. 


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Our thoughts affect our feelings and vice versa. It's important to be aware of how you think but also where your thoughts have come from. Our brains hold on to memories, messages we received growing up and then builds beliefs from these experiences. The trouble comes when these beliefs are negative as our brains also filter out any information that doesn't fit with these beliefs which means that even if we receive positive information, compliments, good feedback, if our belief system is negative we will filter out the new positive info in favour of holding on to our beliefs. 


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With our emotional and physical health being at the forefront of our minds it can be easy to forget our deep down soul truths. It's important to consider what gives our lives meaning and us a sense of purpose. 


We know we are in our soul truth when we feel completely at ease, content and at peace. Consider what makes you feel in ' flow' those moments when you are completely engaged in an activity. Often these are creative experiences like writing, music, painting but can also be when you're meditating, on a walk in nature or in a deep conversation with someone. 


It is so important to check in with our lives, how we feel about what we are doing, who we are surrounding ourselves with and how aligned we are with our purpose. 

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