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Health is not just about doing things to take care of yourself its also understanding who you are! It’s so common to feel lacking in confidence, unsure of what you want, where you’re going and how to get the best out of life.


This part of the site is all about building us up, improving self-esteem, self-talk and helping us go for what we want!


Underlying many mental health difficulties is often a sense of Low self esteem, this is generally a low opinion of yourself but affects how we interact with other people,  what opportunities we do and do not go for, who and what we avoid as well as Depression and anxiety. 

The way I view these difficulties is that by working on the deeper level and improving self-esteem we can help our mood and mental health difficulties. By improving self esteem we will be confident, more able to tackle life challenges and cope with the everyday. 

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Whole me



When we've been through tough experiences, whether that's a loss, a change or a difficult event we expect a lot from our bodies, minds and hearts. We often allow a little time but expect after a few months to be feeling better, bouncing back and moving on with our lives. 


If we don't work on our healing time can only do so much and that is where self-help comes in. We can heal faster if we commit to putting ourselves first, prioritising time for journaling, meditation, exercise as well as making sense of what has happened to us so we can let go and move on. 


All our healing journeys are different but we all need to commit to loving ourselves enough to work on it. 


Check out the posts and videos in this section for more advice. 


Growing Stronger

Once we have started healing our perspective of things that have happened may change, as we move on i'd encourage you to take the experiences with you, to work out what you learned from them so you can become stronger in yourself without separating parts of you that make up your story. 

Owning your story is a big part of becoming strong, it's not about denying what has happened in your life but working it through mentally, physically and emotionally to ensure that as you walk forward you can protect yourself and appreciate yourself fully. 


Check this section for posts and videos on building yourself up. 

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